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  1. ©ØrrØsivΞ

    ©ØrrØsivΞ Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Referitor la ACEST anunţ, pentru orice discuţii vă rugăm să utilizaţi tema de faţă.

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  2. Se va deschide serverul de test pentru a testa aceste 15 npc-uri care arata precum P.E.T ?
  3. ©ØrrØsivΞ

    ©ØrrØsivΞ Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Nu cred...de obicei serverul de test se deschide atunci când sunt implementate lucruri ce presupun o "mecanică" mai complicată.
  4. MaDLuCk

    MaDLuCk User

    adica de pe 1 septembrie ?
  5. ©ØrrØsivΞ

    ©ØrrØsivΞ Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Începutul lunii septembrie nu înseamnă, musai, 1 septembrie.... nu s-a precizat o dată anume!
  6. MaDLuCk

    MaDLuCk User

    Daa....mai sigur o sa fie de pe 7 pana pe 21
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  7. mobob

    mobob User

    mai tre' sa ne odihnim si noi intre doua eventuri.....
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  8. doarrazbu

    doarrazbu User

    Cele de event care trebuiau sa apara azi de ce nu sunt ? pe forum spunea ca la inceputu luni septembrie ... un raspuns ? voi le aveti si npc.urile pet ..
  9. relax

    relax User

    Nu scrie nicaieri ca evenimentul ar incepe astazi, iar astazi(cel putin eu) nu am vazut niciun anunt oficial.. nici pe forum, nici la home, pe pagina de joc.. altceva mai vrei ?
  10. Salut,

    Dupa cum spune si anuntul si lucru repetat de ©ØrrØsivΞ inceputul luni septembrie nu inseamna 1 septembrie. Cel putin in acest an mai toate eventurile au inceput in ziua de Luni a saptamani. Asa ca cel mai probabil va incepe Luni sau in week-end.
  11. Photon

    Photon User

    Pe forumul englez deja au apărut informaţii legate de acest event
    PET-NPC icons, no full size files yet but I think these are used for the UI icons like images on quest descriptions etc:


    5 new achievement descriptions (unfinished) - no names at the moment:

      • Kill 100 lv1 PET-NPC
      • Kill 100 lv10 PET-NPC
      • Kill a PET Boss
      • Complete all low level missions
      • Complete all high level missions

    New drone design - Beacon Design [DD-B-01]

    What does it do?
    No idea at the moment.

    How do I get it?
    You purchase the package, for what seems to be proper money from the uridium store.

    "Beacon drone design

    Acquire this unique Beacon drone design and help the refugees all over the world. All the revenues from this sales will go directly to the [charity organization]"

    So it's a charity event and as said all the revenue from the sales of the design will go to a charity, which is a pretty nice idea. Keeping this in mind, I personally do not expect this design to have damage / shield / HP values since it appears to be only purchasable with money. Or if it did then I expect them to be no better than Havoc or Hercules - so don't panic!
    Package purchase history text:

    1 drone design package purchased

    10 drone design package purchased

    More PET Attack event info:

    Offer package - S-PT-01
    "Special P.E.T. Deal
    Mad scientists may know what’s best for their P.E.T.s, but they don’t always know how to control them. Don’t make the same mistake! Get company-approved upgrades for your P.E.T. for unbeatable prices instead!"

    Updated achievement descriptions &names:

    Defeat 100 P.E.T. Scouts

    Defeat 100 P.E.T. Destroyers

    Big Game Hunter
    Defeat an Alpha P.E.T

    Fierce Hunter
    Complete all difficult missions in “Attack of the Killer P.E.T.s.”

    Complete all easy missions in “Attack of the Killer P.E.T.s.”

    Sursa Forumul Englez by Okapi32
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  12. Bismut

    Bismut User

  13. Bismut

    Bismut User

    "P.E.T-ul inebuneste" iconite achievement-uri:
    Modificat ultima dată: 6 Sep 2015
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  14. Bismut

    Bismut User

    "P.E.T.-ul inebuneste" - povestea celor 14 misiuni (in limba engleza deoarece nu am avut timp sa traduc)

    Anomaly of Horror

    Crrrr… crrrrr… -llo? Can you hear me? It’s me, the world-renowned Dr. Confusius. I need a brave pilot to examine the anomalies in this sector of space and I’ve chosen you to complete this immensely important task. Of course I’ve already told your Commander about it – trust me!
    The Dogs of War
    The data you collected is very revealing. Looks like we’re dealing with an EMP field that is scrambling P.E.T.s’ electron brains. It appears the disturbance is driving them mad, causing them to attack anything that moves. I’d like to take a closer look at one of these P.E.T.s. Think you can get one for me?
    The Puppet Master
    There’s nothing like good, old-fashioned dissection to get to the bottom of things. Cut open the chassis with a blowtorch so I can have a look at its innards. What did I find? Extremely complicated stuff, naturally. Someone is using the EMP field to control the P.E.T.s. The only question is who?
    Cry of the P.E.T.s
    Here we have the electron brain of a wild P.E.T. Look how it pulses – isn’t it mesmerizing? Are you not feeling well? You’re looking a bit pale. At any rate, I almost regret asking you to destroy them, given how cute they are. But they pose a threat to us all, so they must be exterminated.
    The Pack
    By the flask of Erlenmeyer! I saw it with my own two eyes! Rabid P.E.T.s, with an alpha leading the pack! The leader is sending impulses identical to those coming from the EMP field. I never should have implanted a Cubikon chip in the prototype. Stay put, pilot – I’m definitely going to need your help!
    For the Good of Mankind
    Alright, so I lied. I made the alpha. I wanted to develop a model with sentience, so it could adapt to its environment. I thought it would take lead, creating order for the P.E.T.s – I did it for the good of mankind! But then the prototype escaped and… what? Don’t look at me like that! These things happen in science.
    Frankenstein‘s Legacy
    I was having a look at your data… oh, sor-ry! I didn’t think you’d mind. Anyway, look at this – here’s where the alpha’s been hanging out. You don’t know the pain of destroying something you created – I mean, it’s practically my baby. Forget it, you wouldn’t understand. It has to be done, otherwise it’ll transform more perfectly loyal P.E.T.s into a pack of wild, unruly dogs! For the safety of mankind!
    The Awakening
    Bravo! You destroyed the alpha and the wild P.E.T.s are… still wild? What? How is this possible? The pack should have scattered without an alpha. Instead, they are gaining sentience and naming themselves. Do you know what this means? They’re learning and I MADE THEM! Ahem, sorry. They must be destroyed, of course.
    Dr. Confusius’s Asteroid
    Wild P.E.T.s are terribly vindictive, but not to worry – they’ll never get past my armored asteroids. All I have to do is press one little red button and KABOOM! It’s funny, they called me crazy when I developed these asteroids. Me, crazy? I’ll show them who’s crazy! Follow me.
    Revenge of the Killer P.E.T.s
    Fascinating… not you, my P.E.T.s. My babies. They’re looking for new allies. I can’t tell you how safe I feel in this asteroid, with you as my personal shield… err, bodyguard. And should you ever think of double-crossing me, remember all the treasures you’d have to kiss goodbye!
    Heads Will Roll
    The thought of those disgusting Saimon getting their filthy claws on my P.E.T.s makes me want to set everything on fire! It cannot happen, do you hear me? I can see it now – using my P.E.T. technology to burn them to a crisp. Brilliant, Confusius! I mean… see to it you bring me a few Saimon heads, will you?
    Harbingers of Death
    For the love of Boyle! The Devolarium found out about my asteroid and now there’s a whole mob of them just outside my front door, with a pack of rabid P.E.T.s nipping at their heels. What did I ever do to them? No, you can‘t leave now! If you stay and help, I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.
    Asteroid of Darkness
    Where there are Devolarium, the Sibelon are not far away? What is a Sibelon anyway? Stop rolling your eyes at me! I’m too busy and too important to be worrying myself with alien races. There’s a fast and easy way to take care of them, anyway. Fire up the old laser canon and… ZAP! Oh, woops…
    Pathological Megalomania
    I cannot thank you enough! You saved my life and, thus, modern science, as well. And, don’t worry – I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never do an experiment so dangerous ever again. Haha, you don’t buy that, do you? I’m just getting warmed up! And I’m not going to stop until the entire universe is mine. ALL MINE! MUHAHAHA!

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  15. **İEDÜ**

    **İEDÜ** User

    buna treaba DO Team ..cu aceste eventuri din ce in ce mai dese reusiti sa tineti jucatorii aproape de acest joc .Cum spune vorba romaneasca
    ''Sa va tina Dumnezeu Obiceiul''
  16. Bravo pentru Photon si Bismut pentru informatiile date,cu toate ca sursa nu e oficiala,dar din ce am vazut acest Okapi32 a stiut tot timpul inaintea tuturor ce se va intampla pe DO
  17. relax

    relax User

    Si este si normal sa stie atata timp cat le ia de unde le pun cei din echipa BP. Cat despre "laudele" lor.. el adunce informatii in forumul englez, in limba ENGLEZA, cei ce ne "lumineaza" pe noi aici de ce nu ne aduc informatiile in limba ROMANA ? :rolleyes:
  18. pana la urma cand incepe acest event? nici azi se pare ca nu a inceput.
  19. Cand apare
  20. ©ØrrØsivΞ

    ©ØrrØsivΞ Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Trebuie remarcat faptul că, dezinteresat, fără a face parte din vreo echipă de moderare / administrare şi apelând la iscusinţa sa de a manipula anumite date / medii informatice, membrul comunităţii DO engleze aduce în atenţia colegilor săi de comunitate informaţii "din spatele scenei DO"....evident şi inutil a explica de ce în limba engleză.

    După cum se ştie, comunitatea DO, indiferent de limba pe care o vorbeşte, este susţinută şi există prin contribuţia membrilor săi.

    Lupii moralişti, fie că au sau nu aptitudinile necesare efectuării unei traduceri, fac totuşi apel la ipocrizie... în limba română! :rolleyes:

    N.B. Începând de acum, orice informaţie pe care membrii comunităţii DO România o vor aduce în cadrul acestui forum, va fi prezentată doar în limba română!
    [-=Marshal=-] apreciază asta.

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